So, what to expect next…

No way she'd do THAT!

No way she’d do THAT!

(Current project info at 2nd picture)

2 years are a long time in the scanlation scene. So many faces have come and gone, with some constants. Over at LWB I barely know half the staff, haha… so many new guys! A few dear friends in the scene I haven’t seen in quite a while, with the Genesis crew gone AWOL and Black Star Scans defunct (I’ll just assume the BSS guys all joined some weird doomsday cult and committed mass suicide – hell, they were a fucking cult in itself!). I’d always enjoyed the offerings of the latter group in particular, which had a high concentration of gloom and doom in their releases. Just the way I like it!

Maybe you’ll have noticed, but this blog is missing most of its contents, including rants and oddities. I thought I’d want to start with a clean slate, but maybe I’ll add in some of the old stuff again, on a separate subpage. Right now I’ll just post what I’m working on and what I think about it, with some progress updates now and then. More on my current project later.

Over the last 2 years, I haven’t been doing much. I’d initially quit translating because I burnt out like fuck and wanted to sort my life out. I wanted to dedicate more time to making music and studying as I’m still in uni. Well, let me just say that my grades stayed the same with the occasional drift downwards because I’m a slacker, and I quit my band because I don’t want to play the jukebox for drunk punters anymore. There’s more to say on the topic of cover VS original music, but maybe I’ll reserve that for some other time. Last year I’ve started a new project with the guitarist of my former band, and we’re doing something I’d call Progressive Doom. I’ll leave it to your imagination how that is gonna sound like, but imagine a weird mixture of King Crimson, Electric Wizard and Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew (which is also one of my favorite records of all time). I’ve taken up tenor sax and piano for this, raising the number of instruments I play to a total of four next to electric bass (my first instrument) and electric guitar. I’ve also had a half-year stint with a local anarchist syndicalist group but quickly became disillusioned with the effectiveness of grassroots union work. I still think it’s a great idea, but it lacked some serious punch to make a difference.

Eh, I talk too much. Actually I just wanted to say that I had quit because I’ve severely burnt out between comiket rushes, ongoing tanks and the occasional sniping hackjob. It was all just too much, and I could feel it draining my battery until there was just no fun in it anymore. I’d dedicated more time to it than any sane person could spare, and I realize I was never the nicest guy to be around. So I’m actually quite sorry for all the hateful campaigns I’ve lead against several persons or groups in the scene. Maybe I should have just shut up – it’s not like I had any lasting influence when I look at my rather small ‘improve quality!’ campaigns.

I’ve been getting the itch to contribute again though, so I’m back. Simple as that. But I want to take it easy this time, so you’ll only see new releases from me like once or twice a month at best. I want to prevent burning out again, so I’ll treat it as just another hobby. I’ll dedicate myself to the genres that I joined LWB for over 4 years ago – the really nasty stuff. I think back to those times with feelings of great nostalgia, when the world was still all right and no one took a crap all over stuff. Many bad things have happened, but we’re still alive…

Uzigaya's Dokudoku Vol.2

Uzigaya’s Dokudoku Vol.2

Onward to my current project… If you’ve seen the last one, you can guess where this is going! This one is yet again packed to the brim with overly hilarious scenes of brutal and senseless murder. One thing I noticed about Uziga in particular is how casually the characters murder each other, as if they’ve never done anything else. This is especially apparent in Uziga’s story in this book – imagine three guys merrily drinking together after work and out of nowhere, bam! Rape and cannibalism with happy faces everywhere.

The story I liked best though was the one by Kamotama, which also posed quite a lot of problems. The biggest being that it included a vital page spread that had too much picture information missing in the middle! It was fun to work on though, as the scenario is just so utterly bizarre. If you’re curious what the story is, look up the raws or wait a bit more for the finished project. Here’s the spread in question, thanks a lot to rinrinrurin for the page joint! I think you can guess that this was quite a gap to fill.

Mmmh, delicious.

Mmmh, delicious.

I’m back from the dead, I guess.

‘Sup guys. After two years of absence I thought about picking up the pen again. Maybe I’ll talk later about what happened and what I’m gonna do in the future, but for now have a token blog post and a slight hint of what to expect next: